Tired of collecting money and sizes for your team or group order? Let us handle that for you!


Our No Cost pre-pay system means you don’t have to carry any inventory and your fans can order what they want.

Step 1

Simply sign up here. We will work with you to decide which items to offer, what designs to put on them, and the sales prices. **You have the option to increase the sale price to keep the profit as a fundraiser.**

Step 2

LeaderGear will create a FREE online store of the designs you selected for fans to order their shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. We suggest limiting the design and product offerings so you can drive more volume per design / product.  
Click Here For Demo 

Step 3

YOU advertise and promote the link to your store using all the communication outlets you have – social media, email, text messages, etc. Typically, the store closes in 2-3 weeks (for best results). Fans will pay online when they order (via Credit Card or PayPal) and enter their own shipping address, which means they aren’t relying on you to deliver items.